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All Good Bars Nutrition Bars are born out of love for handcrafted healthy food. This brand was formed by two brothers to pay homage to their parents in a tangible way. Their story is as special as their products. Chetan was a world class chef working at Michelin restaurant in U.S. and his brother, a computer engineer who loved to travel and relish delicious food. Their beloved mother, Ajender fell prey to cervical cancer and in few years, their father lost his battle to muscular dystrophy.  Both the brother, well established in their respective fields decided to honor the memories of their parents and started an all natural, holistic food brand: AG Taste. They named the company on the initials of their loving parents: A stands for Ajender and G for Gurbir.


Their mission is to simply honor the all good, all natural, holistic food, with no compromise in flavor, just like their mother made. All their bars are made of natural ingredients which are not at all exotic to you. In fact, you often use these ingredients in some or the other way. No hard to pronounce, exotic ingredients are used. Bars with sugar or sweet substitutes causes a lot of gut issue and not even promotes satiety, hence you continue to have a snack carving. But these bars are a healthiest of all, loaded with essential nutrients and made with pure ingredients which not only fills your stomach but gives your taste buds a little zing. It is savory bar loaded with hunger-quelling ingredients which help you avoid the unnecessary calorie intake during unplanned snack times.

Following the footsteps of their parents, they contribute a significant part of their earning to the Indian Cancer Society and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation to help the families coping with the disease. The company stands on the core values and teachings of their parents ie: to give importance to all good, natural and holistic food.Their aim is to intend a business that gives whole India a joy of taste and love of life, just as their parents gave them.

The All good nutrition bars of AG are hand made, to ensure no quality loss. These are serious crowd pleasers free from sugar, additives or preservatives. The company works hard to retain its flavor and holistic element. Strict hygiene is practiced while manufacturing these bars. These snacks are perfect healthy snacks for the workout or any strenuous activity. They have a crunchy texture and amazing blend of flavors to gratify your palate. These are healthy munchies better than your calorie-filled bars and can help keep you energized for a longer period of time. They are easy to carry and promote hassle free, on- the run snacking. They can even be a quick breakfast in your hustled life. They not only taste good but also gives a quick energy boost and are a perfect pack of a portable meal.

Toss them in your gym bag, your purse, keep them in your drawers and enjoy energy boosting snacking.