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Out Of Stock Meghsons Jamun Chips 80gm Quick View

Meghsons Jamun Chips 80gm

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Meghsons Jamun Chips are made from luscious, nutritious, royal purple Jamun Pulp, which is renowned .....

Out Of Stock Meghsons Jamun Chips 80gm Pack of 3 Quick View

Meghsons Jamun Chips are made from luscious, nutritious, royal purple Jamun Pulp, which is reno.....

Out Of Stock Meghsons Jamun Juice, 500ml Quick View

Jamun is a very nutritious summer fruit and has many health and medicinal benefits. It has been used.....

Out Of Stock Meghsons Neem Mukhwas 200gm Quick View

Mukhwas is a sweet scented, colorful post-meal mouth freshener known to help in digestion. It is an .....

Out Of Stock Meghsons Flax Seeds Chikki 250gm Quick View

Flax Seed Chikki or also called health bar is definitely a great healthy snack. It is 100% natural a.....

Out Of Stock Meghsons Roasted Flax Seeds (Alsi Mukhwas), 250gm Quick View

Mukhwas is a sweet, scented, colorful post-meal mouth freshener that also helps digestion. It is col.....


Meghsons was initiated in 1983 at Malad on the auspicious day of Gudipadwa. It was started with an aim to serve the western suburbs of Mumbai with esteem quality food grains, dry fruits, masala, medicated herbs, fresh flours and several other products.They had a loyal customer base since they pleased them with proper services and goods. Their products improved in terms of quality and taste with the help of proper feedback provided by the customers. Also, the appreciation by customers boosted their confidence. The brand always tries to fulfill the customer’s demand in terms of taste and nutritional benefits.  While new products are always welcomed according to customers demand, they never compromise with the promised quality.

Once the Meghsons had a prevalent demand, the brand also started Meghraj at the same place where the Meghsons is situated, providing fresh farshans,100% veg cakes and pastries and premium quality dry fruits in their natural taste and colour. The brand as a whole was started with very few products but expanded very quickly. The products provided are of premium quality and are loved by the consumers. It is a renowned store in suburbs and is expanding its reach to several other parts. The products are purely vegetarian, free from adulterations and additive nastiness, making them healthy for consumption.

Meghsons range of products includes Roasted Flax Seeds, Neem Mukhwas etc. Apart from sticking to the healthy ingredients, they make sure about the satisfaction of the Indian taste bud, hence also include products like flax chikki and Jamun chips, so that the health is provided, not at the cost of taste. Their Jamun chips is a unique product that can be beneficial for diabetes. Health and purity are given immense importance along with taste in the products. Their range of products also includes some products for diabetic people, weight watchers, and health food connoisseurs. Some of the products like flax chikki are fit for the consumption for the people who need to restrict their intake of starch and sugar. The healthy snacks in their list are recommended for maintaining overall health and wellness.

The brand is well renowned in the western suburbs of Mumbai for delivering the best quality products free from any additives. They provide a range of products including snacks, breakfast items, munchies etc.