Affiliate Program

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What is “affiliate program”? It is a relationship in which a merchant pays you (the “affiliate”) for links from your site to’s site. The affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link.

This kind of advertising (and it IS advertising) is called Pay Per Action (PPA), since the affiliate isn’t paid for carrying the merchant’s advertising link or graphic on his site, but only when a visitor performs a certain action (makes a purchase).


 ›› Example:


You sign up as an affiliate on “” site and are assigned a tracking ID. Mine happens to be “768hy7308h7985”.

Let’s say I have a new Apple cider vinegar on my site, such as True Elements: Spearmint Green Tea. I would link the title so it takes my visitor directly to the product description on’s site.

Here is what a URL to True Elements Spearmint Green Tea looks like

In this URL: 768hy7308h7985 is your tracking ID


 ›› When you promote any product from, your commission will depend on:

  • Current affiliate commission rates for the product or category (Healthyworld reserves the right to exclude certain product/categories from earning referral payout)
  • Your commission amount is calculated on the basis of sale price and not MRP of the product. For instance: When product X is sold at 300 INR, and current commission rate is 10%, so you get paid 10% of Rs.300, which is Rs.30 of Rs.300

When the visitor clicks on this link, the web server is programmed so that the visitor will be sent to the web page for the Spearmint Green Tea. At the same time your tracking ID will be recorded , so that if the visitor makes any purchases on that session, I will be credited with their purchase.