Borges Extra Light Olive Oil - 500ml

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Borges Extra Light Olive Oil is made from olives hand-picked from the tree. It has a subtle and delicate flavor with a faint hint of Olives and is believed to be healthy oil for completing several recipes. It has a higher smoking point than other oils, hence is suitable for stir-frying and sautéing. If you are a health freak, who is also a foodie, this oil is apt for you.



  • Provides benefits of Olive oil without the strong taste.
  • Suitable for several cuisines.
  • Rich source of MUFA.
  • Low in unhealthy fats.
  • Contains antioxidants.


Benefits of Borges Extra Light Olive Oil:

  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • May reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Beneficial for diabetic patients.
  • Slows down aging and can combat cognitive diseases.
  • Keeps heart young and healthy.
  • Keeps arthritis at bay.


How to consume:

Borges Extra Light Olive Oil is light in flavor, hence, can be used in day-to-day cooking. It is a perfect substitute for margarine, butter, and other oils. It is perfect oil for baking sweets and bread, especially when the strong taste of olives in undesirable in the recipe. This Oil is classic oil for grilling and frying also.



Olive Oil.

Any other product info:

It is suitable for Indian Cuisines and does not alter the flavor or taste. Small portions of the oil used for deep frying can be reused 3-4 times.

Information about the brand:

Borges is a Spanish food company based in Tárrega. The company produces a wide range of olive oil and exports its products to 110 different countries covering North America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe. They believe in tasty and healthy Mediterranean food. The products are prepared with high-quality ingredients and include olive oil, pasta, sauces, vinegar, etc.


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