FabBox Nutri Mixes Protein Packed Mix (Plain)

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Pulses include foods like chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans and peanuts and are part of the legume family. Pulses are very nutritious and are part of the diets of most countries, but are not so common in the Western diet as per the Linus Pauling Institute. FabBox Protein Packed Mix provides essential protein, fiber, and nutrients to the body which makes them a healthy addition to your diet.



Looking at all the benefits of pulses it is necessary to add them to your diet which can be difficult with most Western recipes. This is why if you can consume pulses during the times of the day when you usually feel like munching on snacks, then you will be able to make up for this deficit in your regular three meals. The FabBox Nutri-Mix Protein Packed Mix is made up of different pulses which are roasted to make them easy to digest and also add to their taste. These roasted pulses are seasoned with salt to ensure that they taste good but do not contain any extra spices or unnecessary ingredients. 


Benefits of FabBox Protein Packed Mix:

  • Good for the heart and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. 
  • They are also very high in fiber and improves the health of the heart by lowering the levels of cholesterol.
  • They are also rich in potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure by counteracting the effects of sodium. 
  • Pulses have a low glycemic index which does not have a negative impact on the sugar levels in your blood. Hence including pulses in your diet will prevent the risk of diabetes and if you already are suffering from this ailment then they will be helpful in regulating your blood sugar levels. 
  • Pulses are very high in protein and that too at a very low expense. Although they are not a complete source of protein because they do not provide all the amino acids.
  • Folate is a B vitamin which is required by the body to produce and maintain new cells and hence folate is especially necessary during periods of fast growth like pregnancy and infancy. 


Information about the brand:

FabBox is slowly but surely becoming a popular brand of snacks for health-conscious people. The main reason is the high-quality standards of their products. One of them is the FabBox nutri mix protein packed mix. The best part is that these pulses are not touched by hand during the entire process of roasting and packaging them, which ensures additional hygiene.

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