Goulters Raw Kiwi Fruit Vinegar 330ml

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Goulter's Kiwi Fruit Vinegar has a dazzling sweet and tangy flavor to it. It is significantly more unobtrusive than the apple cider vinegar. This implies for the general population who discover apple cider vinegar excessively dense; you now have an option. The medical advantages are fundamentally the same as that of our natural apple juice vinegar; however, Kiwi Fruit Vinegar has a more elevated amount of potassium. It is additionally excellent for your digestive framework and general prosperity. 



  • Produced using natural kiwifruit - no concentrates.
  • Sold in a completely recyclable glass container to keep up the taste for longer.
  • It will not aerate being in a glass container.
  • Carries the fundamental 'mother of vinegar' culture.
  • Spikes flavor to plates of mixed greens and dressings.


Benefits of Kiwi Fruit Vinegar:

  • Increases immunity.
  • Fortifies the retention of calcium.
  • Dispense weakness and fatigue.
  • Recoup normal elements of the digestion system and metabolism.
  • Equalizations of PH levels.
  • Quickens blood circulation.
  • Progress in weight loss.


Instructions for use:

Use two tsp of Kiwi Fruit Vinegar in a warm glass of water daily. It can be utilized as a part of your cooking particularly in pavlova's, tasty as a vinaigrette plate of mixed greens dressing and sprinkle over veggies.


Information about the brand:

Goulter's Vinegar Products is a family run business situated in Nelson, New Zealand. Their natural vinegar is sold worldwide and have as of late picked up the Halal Accreditation Certificate. With more than 40 years of mastery in delivering legitimate natural products in the vinegar business, they have exceeded expectations in giving customers natural products thereby, achieving their motto.

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