Grandma's Molasses Gold 355ml

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› Unsulfured molasses.
› Free from additives.
› High iron content.
› A nutritious alternative to refined sugar.
› Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

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Grandma’s Molasses is high quality, un-sulfured made from sugar cane. It is America’s trusted molasses brand made from highest grade sugarcane molasses and is a nut alternative to your regular sugar.


  • Made with Non-GMO Project Verified Ingredients.
  • Unsulfured molasses.
  • Free from additives.
  • Kosher.
  • Low glycemic index.
  • High iron content.
  • Contains magnesium and potassium.
  • Natural source of folic acid along with other B vitamins.


Health Benefits of Molasses:

  • A nutritious alternative to refined sugar.
  • Lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Iron can help avert or overcome anemia.
  • Vitamins and minerals promote RBC production.
  • Magnesium maintains a healthy heart.
  • Potassium maintains a healthy nervous system.



Pure Unsulfured Molasses.


How to use:

Molasses can be used as a sweetener in several dishes. It works great with teas, hot cereals, pancakes, waffles, and desserts. It can also be used as a glaze for cooking.


Information about the brand:

Grandma’s is America’s most renowned molasses brand. It is a trusted, household brand which uses only highest grade sugarcane molasses free from preservatives or flavor and is a trustable product for enhancing the flavor of your foods.

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