Nutrus Green Coffee Punch 20s

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› Green coffee.
› Contains probiotics.
› Natural fat burner.
› Great source of anti-oxidants.
› Helpful in reducing weight.

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Nutrus introduces Green coffee Punch which contains green coffee beans extract with probiotics in it. Green coffee beans are those coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. Probiotics are the bacteria that maintain the flora of the gut and keep your gut healthy. You might definitely have never have heard such coffee before. Nutrus is the first brand to introduce green coffee with probiotics in India. Since it is a natural fat burner, so health-conscious individuals might start using it from today.  The coffee has a great aroma and awesome flavor so refreshing, that you would love it. And weight watchers, this is really a good option for you!!!



  • Green coffee.
  • Contains probiotics.
  • Natural fat burner.
  • Probiotics have their own health benefits.
  • Great aroma and refreshing flavor.
  • In sachet form, that makes you easy to use.


Health Benefits of Green coffee:

  • Great source of anti-oxidants.
  • Helpful in reducing weight.
  • Modulates glucose and fat metabolism.
  • Rich in chlorogenic acid, which is popular for its weight loss effect and is also an anti-oxidant.
  • Useful for those with fatty liver.
  • Probiotics improve digestive system, boosts immune function.
  • Heals inflammatory bowel conditions.



Green coffee extract, Probiotics.


How to use:

Dissolve the powder in 120 ml warm water or cold water. Serve hot or chilled.


Information about the brand:

Nutrus was introduced in 1969. It offers a range of nutraceutical products promoting good health and immunity. They are the leading producers of green tea and coffee. All their products are purely organic and free from harmful additives. 

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