Green Tea

Green Tea


Green Tea is the healthiest beverage you can take in an early morning to kick start your day with refreshment. It is a powerhouse of Nutrients & Antioxidants.  

Ayurveda, which is India's traditional medical system, acknowledges Green Tea for its many health benefits:

Weight Loss:

         Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea acts as a natural fat burner, thus aids in weight loss. Caffeine & catechins content in this tea helps to increase metabolism rate of the body & fat oxidation. Also, Helps to burn extra calories from your body by Improving the body temperature. Taking this tea, repeatedly shown to increase the burning of fat, especially during exercise.

Liver Loving Beverage:

        Green Tea for Liver

This liver-loving beverage is full of plant antioxidants known as catechins, a compound known to assist liver function. It is not only delicious, it’s also a great way to improve your overall diet. Learn more about the benefits of green tea.


        Green Tea Diabetes

This tea apparently helps control glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating. This can prevent high insulin spikes and resulting fat storage.

Skin Care:

        Green Tea for Skin Care

It is a good source of potent antioxidants which prevent the oxidation of fat, subsequently preventing the clogging of the pores on our skin, which is one of the main causes of acne. Besides this, green tea also helps maintain hormonal balance. 

Heart Disease:

         Green Tea for Heart Care

Scientists think this tea works on the lining of blood vessels, helping keep them stay relaxed & better able to withstand changes in blood pressure. It may also protect against the formation of clots, which are the primary cause of heart attacks.


        Green tea - Lowering cholesterol

It reduces bad cholesterol in the blood & enhances the ratio of Good cholesterol to Bad cholesterol.

Tooth Decay:


Studies suggest that the chemical antioxidant “catechin” in tea can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries, & other dental conditions.

Blood Pressure:


Regular consumption of it is thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.


         Green Tea for Depression

Theanine is an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves. It is this substance that is thought to provide a relaxing and tranquilizing effect and be a great benefit to tea drinkers.

Brain function:

        Green Tea Improves Brain Function

Compounds in green tea leaves can improve brain function & make you smarter. The key active ingredient is caffeine, which is a known stimulant. It doesn’t contain as much as coffee, but enough to produce a response without causing the 'jittery' effects associated with too much caffeine.


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