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Fizzy drinks or sugary drinks can surely attract you but they are not at all good for your health. But when the summers are getting scorcher day by day, you always try to find a way to beat this heat and sadly resort to the fizzy drinks itself. They are tasty, but sadly there are no health benefits. Instead, they are high and sugar with zero nutritional value. These are the drinks on which you should rethink. So you need to choose a drink which is palate pleasing yet have secret health benefits. What you drink throughout the day keeps you hydrated and helps you work. Your summertime drink should benefit you and not inhibit your body performance in any way.

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Out Of Stock Enerzal Powder (sachets) - Lime 100gm Quick View

Enerzal Powder (sachets) - Lime 100gm


Rs.55.46 Rs.35.00 37% off

Electrolytes are minerals found in blood and other body fluids that carry an electric charge. They a.....