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Out Of Stock Maple Joe Canadian Maple Syrup, 250ml Quick View

Organic Maple Syrup (Lune De Miel) is a 100% Natural and Healthy Sweetener made from freshly produce.....

Lune de Miel was started in 1920 and has years of experience in the honey business. Lune de Miel in French stands for Honeymoon. It is a family run business started by innovative and passionate beekeepers. It is the biggest private honey laboratory in the world and stands second in the world ranking by production volume . It is a leading marketer in France. With a passion for honey and bees, they sell nearly 150 pots every minute and around 28 million jars of honey each year. It can be found in 67 countries in the world: USA, Canada, all Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle East Countries, Africa, Southeast Asia.

The brand is dedicated to producing rare, distinct honey along with innovation. They strive for the production of the pure and the most natural form of honey by combining tradition and creativity.  All their products are ecologically responsible and the only environment-friendly methods are used to obtain the honey.  Their honey has a distinct taste and flavor and is brimmed with nutritional values. Their honey is an intact effort of bees, harvested directly to the hive in an ancestral beekeeping way. Their filtration and processing method give their honey a distinct flavor.

They have varied types of honey depending on the source of the flowers. Their flower honey is endowed with sweet and zesty flowery taste while their orange blossom honey is a mixture of slight sourness and smooth sweetness. There all kinds of honey have an enticing aroma and taste with no added preservatives, sugar. Their product is completely unadulterated and has only nectar by bees. In line with the commitment of the brand, it is constantly innovating to provide easy-to-use packaging.To make it comfortable for users, they innovated their packaging method and created first flexible, compressible packing in a shape of a honey drop. They also invented ultra-convenient squeeze bottles that won the Oscar for packaging. They also developed a method to naturally preserve royal jelly created by the queen bees and created their first honey loaded with royal jelly. This product is now a favorite among consumers. For protecting the bees and safeguarding beekeeping, they created the Lune de Miel Foundation in 2014.

The France esteemed honey can make your toasts, butter and hot drinks tasty. They can enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your salads and foods. If you are weight consciousness yet have a dire love for sweetness, Lune de Miel honey suits best for you.