Nutrus Slim Tea (Lemon) 20s

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The Nutrus Slim Tea Lemon is a perfect health drink that you can add to your diet to get a healthy body. The tea has a perfect combination of probiotics, garcinia and green tea. It is free from any kind of additive or chemical. The probiotics keep your digestive system healthy, the green tea and garcinia aid in weight loss and are also effective in dealing with a range of health related problems like blood pressure, cardiac problems, diabetes etc.


Benefits of Nutrus Slim Tea Lemon:

  • Green tea acts as a natural fat burner, thus aids in weight loss.

  • The presence of Garcinia helps individuals in suppressing their hunger cravings. This helps the individuals in achieving their weight loss goals.

  • The presence of probiotics helps in maintaining the bowel movements, eliminates the toxins from the body and enhances the absorption of vitamins and minerals.



Green tea, garcinia cambogia, probiotics, organic lemon


How to use:

You can place the tea bag in a cup of hot water and add sugar if required. After a few minutes, take off the tea bag from the cup.


Information about the company:

Sanzyme Ltd. Is a pioneer in biotechnology and fermentation industry. The company aims to provide high quality nutritional solutions to the people all over the world to manage and prevent the deadly diseases. The company offers a variety of products to ensure the wellbeing of children, men and women and fight chronic diseases like CVD and diabetes.

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