Ways to prevent Joint Pain while aging

Ways to prevent Joint Pain while aging

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One of the biggest problems with aging that people have is the dreaded joint pain that comes with it, like a toothbrush free with that toothpaste you picked up.

The most notorious of these pains is the knee pain that plagues most of the middle aged and older folk, and the key factor isn’t in their legs, but on their bellies! Most of these people complaining and going on and on about how they can't walk and have aching knees also are blessed with gigantic tummies! The magic spell for ridding your body of knee pains or preventing knee pain in the future is to maintain a healthy weight. Obese people have much higher risks of encountering terrible aches and pains because the knees have that much more burden on them to carry and are under that much more pressure. Imagine pressing a grape with your index finger, and then squishing it with your entire palm. Gets ugly doesn’t it?

Another one is to get a regular massage, especially on the knees. No, it doesn’t need to be an expensive fancy massage guys, a simple one with a bottle of warm oil at home would do you almost the same amount of good. One tip for the massage – The direction of the strokes should always be towards the heart. This increases blood flow and improves circulation.

Cryotherapy is our number three. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? But it simply means icing the joints that start aching. Contrary to massages, the cold reduces blood flow and hence reduces tissue swellings and relieves you of the pain. Many professional sportsmen actually have bathtubs filled with Ice cubes to relax after games. Try that once in your life, it’s a lot of effort but one of the closest feelings to heaven I assure you!

Another thing that you might be doing that may be doing more harm than good to your knees is pounding up and down the stairs. While it's great cardio, it may not be ideal for you if you’re weighing upwards of 80-90kgs since it means about 5 times your weight going through your kneecaps which is some serious pressure. Go easy, walk slowly and gracefully and don’t stomp your feet.

Maintain regular exercise to make sure your joints are mobile and remain flexible. Nothing does your joints more good than 10 minutes of light stretching everyday.