Work & Rest: Finding the perfect balance

Work & Rest: Finding the perfect balance

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Work and rest. Rest and work. These are the two activities we should all do. But in our lives today, these are the same things we struggle with. For some of us, work comes effortlessly- we are always energetic and on the go, relentlessly doing something. For the ones remaining, rest comes easily without any struggle. We are satisfied, lying on the couch all day long, being oblivious to that long to-do list. 


People on both ends of the spectrum struggle - either for peace and some relaxation or feeling fretful about the lack of achievements. Some of us are fortunate to be falling in the middle of this spectrum. But for the rest, each day can be testing and exasperating. Despite being on any end of the work-rest spectrum each one of us has found ourself with contrasting strengths at different times in life. If we’re working on something we enjoy doing, we’d be working most of the time and barely rest. Or if we’ve been through pain- both physical and emotional, we’d surely want to rest. As life’s full of ups and downs here are some handy tips that would help you strike the right balance.


If you are working too much, here’s what you can do.


  • Take a day off: For all the busy bees, taking a day off can be just the perfect thing. This has to be a real, no-work-at-all day off. Take a day off, sit at home and relax!


  • Changing locations: If you are working all the time, it’s usually because you have work all around you. You are either at your workstation, in front of your laptop or surrounded with files.



  • Try physically changing your location, take a walk around or involve outdoor locations.Keep the phone down: Your phone can be one of the strongest connection to work. So when you are on the day off, remember to put the phone down.




If you are resting too much, here are some quick tips.


  • Wake up and dress: Your environment can sometimes be conducive to rest. If you’re lazing all day long in your night pants, it’ll be difficult to stay motivated. Begin with changing your attire and environment. Wear something that’ll make you feel professional, and set out for the day.


  • One thing at a time: Working on a complicated thing can seem to be an uphill task. Break things down and start out small, this will make things manageable. Make a task list and note down all your work. Strike out activities after you complete them. Striking out completed tasks is fun to do and also gives you that satisfaction of accomplishing things.


  • Keep the phone down: We’ve seen that putting the phone down can help you rest, but it’s also important to get things done. Technology can be one of the biggest distractions in the world today. So put the phone away (unless it does not involve work) and work.


So, take a moment out to ponder and decide for yourself which end of the spectrum do you belong. Start making the simple changes and find that perfect work and rest balance.