Letter to the Mom of learning disability child!

Letter to the Mom of learning disability child!

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Dearest Mother of a special child ,

The other day I happen to visit an autistic clinic and was too dejected to know about the horrible chaotic problems messing around there. The doctor was in immense dismay, witnessing the reaction of parents about any psychological disease. 

While interacting with the doctor, I was traumatized hearing about the fact that some of the learning disabled children are left to themselves, some are smacked for improving the performance, participating in the rat race and some parents call their disability as a  mere carelessness and negligence. For parents, don’t accept it at first.

It’s not your fault! In the society, the learning disabled child is as good as a normal child. Unlike physical diseases, this disease is invisible. Hence often considered as not present. But it’s time to accept now. It is hard for sure, but it as the fact that your child is differently abled. You need to embrace the fact that it is nothing inferior. You need to nurture and praise your child so that he/she can flourish in whatever he/she is doing.

For the initial stage, as a mother, learn as much as you can about LD. You need to know what’s going inside the mind. Keep calm and understand the language. Most of the times, the simple tasks are difficult for them. But understanding and teaching them slowly with support can solve the grave issue. As a normal child is praise loving, so is your child. Discover the talent hidden behind the disability and let your child pursue his or her strengths. Weakness needs to be looked for but first, embrace the positive side. Once the strength is quite nurtured, make the child learn through their strength itself. The normal commands seem alien to them. They know the language of their hobby, so let them learn through it.

Don’t nag or yonder, build their self-confidence and let them learn. Keep your instructions simple and reward for a praise. As a mother, socialize with your child, friend its insecurities and understand their problems. You need to purely be a best friend and not just a quelling parent. Make sure that the friend circle is accepting the child and not bullying. You need to build a good kinship with the teachers and school faculties, to know about child’s growth. Don’t freed or feel reluctant while talking about the problem. They will understand.

The most important part as a mother is, if he/she has a sibling, make him/her understand and not let the child feel devoid of attention.  Be open to counseling, it’s no harm! It actually benefits you and your child. Most of the time such child is frustrated and irritated about social skills, counseling will help improve it. Also, you need to take care of your mental health since you are the pillar of its foundation. Socialize with the other parents having the same problem. Since they would be sailing the same boat as you, you can share some advice and learn better.

And most important, you as a mother need to take care that your child can stand for himself/herself. He/ she must be scavenging for attention, help them out. But don’t do too much, don’t do everything for them. Let them learn. Empower them.  They can do every work what a normal child as, but differently and slowly. So celebrate their difference and not whine.  It is said it is difficult to be a parent, but it’s even more challenging to a parent of a child with special needs, especially being a mother. You need to be an interpreter, problem solver, lawyer, cheerleader, advisor, psychiatrist, organizer, disciplinarian and most important a friend.

I know you as a parent are doing a fine job. Don’t give up on your child and never be in gloom! Be a proud parent of the special child.