Muesli for Breakfast can help you Lose Weight!

Muesli for Breakfast can help you Lose Weight!

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Planning to lose weight? Skipping your meals or including some healthy foods in your diet?

If you feel skipping your meals can help you lose weight, you are wrong and following a totally wrong diet plan. If you are skipping breakfast, you are harming your body more than helping it. Many people rush out in the morning without eating something. Skipping breakfast can lead to overeating in the later part of the day.

A healthy A.M. meal, can provide you energy, gratify your hunger and set a stage for witty decision all day long. Eating a smart breakfast also leads to healthier choices throughout the day.

In India, people think that breakfast is something that is required to fill your hungry stomach in the morning. People mostly have deep fried stuff, sweets, calorie-laden biscuits, and many calorie-filled foods. What we need for breakfast is including something healthy that can make you feel energetic. People usually resort to corn flakes, oats etc. for breakfast, but often don’t stick to this food, and if they do, they add too much of sugar which in turn reduces its nutritional value. Nutritionist says that your breakfast should be a combination of good protein and fiber. Every health conscious person will ask you to add muesli to your morning breakfast for weight loss. It is termed as fitness food which will provide you energy and will help you lose weight.



Muesli is a great combination of health and taste. The different flavors gratify your taste buds without compromising your health. The grains in the muesli are raw, unlike granola bar, which makes it healthier. It is a great combination of protein, carbs, fiber which is perfect to kick start your day. It promotes satiety and curbs your mid meal hunger pangs. The fiber absorbs water, swells and keeps you fuller for a longer time, reducing your calorie intake in further meals. It is observed that people, who consume more fiber, weigh less and have a leaner waistline. Vitamin B enhances the metabolic rate and helps you burn calories.

This breakfast item is not boring or soupy! It is available in delicious variants. The nutty flavor and a toothsome character make it an ideal breakfast item. Besides this, it is easy to prepare and saves your time. A breakfast loaded with the combination of grains, nuts, and several nutrient rich foods, delicious, easy to cook, consumes less time and helps you lose weight! Indeed, it is the best food to kick starts your day with.

To make muesli healthier, add some freshly cut fruits, nuts and serve with milk.