Why Does Everyone Love Honey?

Why Does Everyone Love Honey?

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The luscious golden honey is consumed as a sweet treat and loved by one and all. From innocent children to the grizzled, everyone loves this golden nectar. Our favorite cartoon character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ was not wrong to love it so much. But is taste the only factor luring crores of people? Honey isn’t just a sweet treat, it can naturally heal your body back to optimum health. And so it is equally loved by a toddler or an elderly person.

Here are some powers of honey due to which people love it so much:

Honey for children:

Children are generally programmed to prefer the sweet taste. Parents nag continuously about the craving for sweets and try to keep it highly monitored. But when it is honey, parents patronize the kids and never really stop them from eating honey, unless you gorge on a half a bottle daily. Besides taste, a spoonful of honey at night promises a good night's sleep. It relieves a cough and cold instantly, way better than that pink cough syrup. It can supply essential vitamins and minerals . It can also provide sustained energy for a longer period. Besides, it can also boost the memory and can enhance your brain health. But remember that no matter what, honey should not be fed to infants below 1 year of age.

Honey for teenagers:

Health conscious, beauty conscious teenagers befriend this sweet nectar like none other. It’s like a healthy drug they are addicted too. It's not uncommon to see teenage girls consuming decoction of honey and lemon, early in the morning for weight loss. It is a great wound healer and can keep acne at bay. It can provide ample amount of energy required for a strenuous day and can be a great workout fuel. It also burns your body fat during sleep.

Honey for runners:

Honey is said to be a perfect race day fuel for the triathletes. This amber color liquid is thousands time better than the energy drink. Many people recommend using honey instead of sports gel. The simple carb of this liquid is a vital component for providing endurance and energy. It also has low glycemic load and maintains optimum blood sugar which is the major concern of the athletes. Taking honey prior to any strenuous workout such as cycling, running or even swimming can benefit your performance and of course, it is more economical than the sports gel.



Honey for women:

Women are constantly in search of a magical beauty ingredient that can impart a striking glow to the skin. It acts as a natural cleanser and can even moisturize your face. It can help you get a unique glow and can even help prevent dandruff. Honey can also lead to rosy cheeks that ever women want. It increases the strength of your hairs and can make you look younger and better. Some scientists also claim that honey can be a home remedy to irregular periods.

Honey for diabetic patients:

Honey does not cause sudden spiking in blood sugar level, surely not as rapidly as table sugar. It has low glycemic load than sugar, hence is preferred over sugar. It can be a sweet for a diabetic , but in moderate quantities. Surely, this saccharine liquid can be used to sweeten your beverages .

Besides, honey can be used to improve your disturbed sleep pattern and can improve your gastrointestinal system. It contains several flavonoids and antioxidants that can reduce the risk of heart diseases and can help keep lifestyle diseases at bay.

Squeeze it, Lick it , add it to your beverages or serve it with your desserts, don’t forget to add honey in your diet. Replace your sugar candies with honey and let your sweet tooth be healthy. Let the oldest sweetener on earth, sweeten your food and life.