This Fathers' Day, Make Your Dad Smile A Little Wider!

This Fathers' Day, Make Your Dad Smile A Little Wider!

Written By: Swati Published In: Healthy Living Created Date: 2016-06-14 Hits: 532

All your dad wants is you to be happy. And you probably are aware of it. He let you know that when you came back home with a bad score in math or when you were going through a rough phase in life.

He is a man who has stood there for you through thick and thin, rock solid! He is the one who thinks about your happiness, even before you are born. Don’t you wish the same for him? What’s more comforting than seeing a smile on your dad’s face? As they say, happiness is, seeing dad smile. Here are some simple approaches to begin with.

- Talk to him:

You’ve always chatted with mom and now striking that long conversation with dad seems weird. Remember, he too likes talking to you. You can share anything. Be it venting out your feelings, having a mature chat or discussing world affairs; you dad will be happy talking about anything. Calling him up occasionally, just to say hi. So, it’s not just mom who loves listening to your chanter, it’s dad too!

- Acknowledge him:

Your dad has been giving throughout his life. Be it your first bicycle or your first bike, it was always your dad’s gift. There have been numerous sacrifices he has made since your childhood. He has been proud of your triumphs and has stood patiently beside you when things went wrong. Appreciate him for all that he has done and is doing even today. A small thank you doesn’t cost anything, but will surely make him feel good.

- Involve him:

Now that you’ve grown up, you are buying a new house, changing jobs or getting married. Make him a part of those decisions. His experience is surely invaluable. You might differ with his opinions and ultimately make a choice that you feel is right. But consulting him will surely help you gain perspective. It will also make him realize that you still value his insights.

- Visit him:

If you are not staying with your dad, make sure you visit him sometimes. Well, we know you are busy but you can surely squeeze out some time for your dad. Give him those occasional surprise visits, and see him smile widening!

- Respect him:

Most importantly, respect him for the man he is and for the human being he has made you into. He has been your hero and let him know that. Because behind every great child, is a truly amazing dad!

This Father’s day, make your dad smile a little more!