Why is Sorghum the Best Alternative to Sugar?

Why is Sorghum the Best Alternative to Sugar?

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When a newbie starts his yogic journey he/she always wonder whether only asanas are enough to practice yoga, or they have to even regulate the food. While Yoga asanas are the most vital part of yogic life, it is best to complement them with healthy food habits to create even more wonders. Everything you eat should be a food for your soul. Yogis believe that food is the creator of prana ie the life force which sustains our entire body. Therefore, what we eat reflect the level of conscious development. They believe that food is the foremost way to interact with the world around, hence, it should have a sense of love, connection, and peace.

Often the beginner yogi’s replace everything in their diet with the foods that can nourish them internally and externally. They make simple dietary changes that can help them practice Yoga better and improve overall health and wellness. Each type of food is given importance, but the most tiniest yet vital part of food i.e. sweetener is ignored. The sweetener is a substance that enhances the flavor of your food. It is used in everything from your morning cup of oats, cereals, tea, coffee and even fruits and vegetables. The most common sweetener we use is white sugar. But is that white sugar really good for your mind and body and if not what can we replace it with?

Sugar’s effects on mind:

A spoonful of sugar is never enough, it is an addiction . Some researchers claim that it is a toxic substance that should be regulated just like tobacco and alcohol. We already knew that sugar is bad for our waistline and heart health, but there’s a mounting evidence about the negative effect of sugar on brain health.
It is said that sugar affects every part of our brain from cognitive function to psychological well-being. It actually wrecks a havoc in every body part. When someone eats sugar, their mind resembles that of a drug addict. It also reinforces the desire to have more and creates a vicious cycle of intense cravings. It interferes with the insulin level and hinders memory and learning abilities. Sudden peaks and drops in blood sugar can also lead to fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety problems. Sugar also messes with neurotransmitters and stimulates the release of serotonin. Constant over active serotonin can deplete the supply of neurotransmitter which can contribute to symptoms of depression. High blood sugar levels are even linked to inflammation of brain which can lead to depression.
All these effects are no good for your mind and can interfere with your yoga practice.

What can be the substitute ?

Cane Sorghum is a healthier alternative to your everyday sugar. Unlike sugar, it is not made from simply calories from head to toe and has a serious nutritional punch.
It is extracted from a tall broadleaf plant that resembles corn. This syrup has no effect on your blood sugar levels. It is a rich source of antioxidants which promotes overall health and wellness. It is a storehouse of magnesium which is vital for keeping your bones strong. It supports the development of bone tissue and is a heart friendly sweetener. Sorghum syrup even provides ample amount of long lasting energy, which can keep you going throughout the day.



This syrup is surely beneficially for the yogi, since it promotes the overall health of mind, prevents neurological disorders, provides ample amount of energy to perform asanas and can even keep your bones strong. Even if you are not a daily practitioner of yoga and needs a healthy sugar substitute, cane sorghum syrup is the best of all the sweeteners.