Why should you go nuts for Nuts!

Why should you go nuts for Nuts!

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Nuts are so small,yet one of the most nutrient dense food. They have undergone a major rebranding in the past decade. These nuts are packed with nutrients and eating them on a regular basis can benefit your health unless you have a nut allergy. These are most underrated as nutritious snacks mainly the raw tree nuts such as almonds and cashews. Very few people actually snack on them. Some find the plain nuts boring and some are afraid of the calories. Your mother or grand mom must have surely tried to include these in your childhood days, but you fail to incorporate them into your diet as snacks.

Nuts serve much more than you can think of. It can provide your body with ample amount of filling protein, unsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Eating nuts have been associated with plenty of health benefits. It can boost your brain and keep your heart healthy. These nuts are a snack for both your brain and heart. Scientists have even claimed that people who munch nuts daily have a lower risk of mortality and of developing chronic diseases,thus prolonging your life. By virtue of their unique nutritional composition these nuts are likely to have positive outcomes on your overall health. It can reduce the incidence of heart diseases, lower cholesterol and can reduce the risk of gallstones. Earlier dismissed as diet busters, it is proved that consuming handful of nuts can help in managing weight . It can also aid in managing diabetes.

Digestive upset due to raw nuts:

Some people are sensitive to raw nuts. Consuming raw nuts can lead to digestive upset because the nuts contain certain enzyme inhibitors that can interfere with the process of digestive enzyme and not allow nuts to be digested properly. To avoid such discomfort, you can soak the nuts in water for few hours and then after properly drying them in a warm oven. This process can help destroy the inhibitors and unlock nutrients, thus enhancing the nutritive value of these foods.

Ideas to eat Nuts:

Nuts can be consumed simply as a snack to promote satiety and avoid over consumption during meals. You can even sprinkle some nuts on top of oatmeal, salads or yogurt. These can be grinded into a fine paste and can be consumed as nut butter or the puree can be added to your sauces. It can also be added to your smoothie . Raw nuts can be added in several cuisines like curries, stews etc. It is best to be served with desserts and sweet dishes.

Simplest foods are often the best for you. Don’t worry, Simply go Nuts for nuts.