Yoga-Simple way to rejuvenate yourself

Yoga-Simple way to rejuvenate yourself

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Yoga is the most ancient and successful remedy for treating all your health problems. Whole world is practicing Yoga, are you?

We’ve all heard about Yoga time and again, and for those of you not that into the current affairs let us tell you that 21st June has now been declared as the International Yoga day on the recommendation of none other than our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi who proposed this to the United Nations. Yoga is the natural way to stay fit and in the best of health, having been practiced globally for hundreds of years. It dates back to 3000 bc and is also found in the Rig Veda! We all have that one neighbor or acquaintance that starts yapping about the benefits of yoga almost every time you guys meet, but not without good reason. There are numerous benefits that this age old process has to offer, some of which might definitely be of interest to you.

But what really is Yoga? It’s a mixture of physical techniques (various asanas) and mental techniques such as breathing (pranayam) that work together in tandem, with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment and transcending one’s self. While this may sound too heavy a goal, there are certain short term attractions that may interest you more than this long term dream. We’ll list them down for you further down the blog. Meanwhile celebs like Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga have claimed that Yoga is their mantra to staying fresh and fit and keeping up with the hustle bustle that a celebrity’s life is filled with. "Yoga calms me down. It's a therapy session, a workout, and meditation all at the same time!", claims Jennifer Aniston. The various physical positions that yoga includes, where one needs to hold one’s body in different asanas is what helps build strength, stability, stamina and flexibility, something you won’t find in even the biggest gym buffs. Below are a few of the benefits of doing Yoga daily –

  • You sleep better. All that pent up energy is released while doing yoga, ensuring you sleep like a baby.
  • You wake up fresh, more energetic and active and ready to face whatever evil plans life has waiting for you.
  • You become a sex machine. Flexibility, stamina, strength, need we say more? If not for yourself, get down to some asanas for your partners!
  • You won’t grow old to having respiratory disorders, since the great breathing techniques you practice ensure magnificent respiration.
  • You get a major metabolism boost, so you won’t grow fat. (or fatter)
  • No heart diseases or cholesterol problems, don’t even need to go change your cooking oil and all that.
  • Better balance, better posture & better memory, so you won’t forget your anniversary this time around. (hopefully) And a host of other benefits!

So basically, Yoga is good. Very good!