Krishna's Favourite White Butter is Better!

Krishna's Favourite White Butter is Better!

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Janmashtami celebrates the birth of our butter lover God Lord Krishna fondly called as Makhan Chor. Whenever we hear the word Janmashtami we think of only two things: One is da hi handi and 2nd is his utter love for butter. This pure white butter  is the food of god that even our ancestors used with love and pride. So why is this butter so defamed and shunned into oblivion ?

The butter is better if it’s real. Here are few benefits this yummy treat has:

Healthy calories and weight loss:

Makhaan or white butter is high in calories but all those are beneficial to the body. Besides, white butter contains lecithin which aids in the proper metabolism of fat and cholesterol. It also curbs your cravings, thus helping you lose weight.

Boost immune system :

Saturated fat is helpful for retaining minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins like A and D. These elements boosts one’s immune system. Besides, white butter has potent antifungal and antibacterial properties that boost one’s immune system. Now this solves the grave question that why your mother used to feed you homemade khichdi laced in white butter when you has an upset tummy or flu. In fact, white butter is used as a remedy for a number of ailments such as bed wetting, sexual weakness, insomnia in Ayurveda.It is even given to a pregnant lady in her 4th trimester to ease labor and nourish the baby.

Makes you smart:

The unique fat structure of makhaan can aid in the transportation of vital nutrients which help brain function properly. These nutrients if not absorbed are flushed out from your body with other waste. It is even recommended in Ayurveda for certain mental illness. It contains Arachidonic Acid (AA) that plays a vital role in healthy cellular and brain development in children. It absorbs fat-soluble Vitamin D which is essential for proper functioning of synapses and gives right nourishment to the growing child’s brain.

Gives a natural glow to your skin Just as your grandma said, white butter gives a healthy glow to your skin. Loaded with essential minerals and antioxidants that combat free radicals, it smoothens the skin and grants a healthy look.

So, the next time you plan to give a wide berth to the white butter, think again, it might be the best food to add. Just be aware that the white butter is home cooked, just like your grandma did and not store bought