Teppanyaki Food For Healthy Living

Teppanyaki Food For Healthy Living

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Japan is well-known for cherry blossoms and enviable life expectancy of the people. A land known for its long life must be having some cooking secrets.

The sizzle of food hitting an iron pan is the most common sounds in Japanese cooking. Teppanyaki cooking is a Japanese style of cooking which defines the sound of food hitting an iron plate and is a possible explanation to their long life expectancy. Teppanyaki is derived from the word teppan which means iron plate and yaki which means grill. It basically involves grilling food on a hot iron skillet. This style of cooking was initiated in 1945 in Japanese restaurants as guests loved to watch their food being cooked.

Important features of this cooking secret:

- Food is generally not overcooked, hence all the nutrients are retained and the flavors are well blended.
- Only light seasoning and fresh ingredients are used .
- Only a drizzle of soybean oil is used and the food cooked is low in fat.
- It is generally served in small portions.
- Perfect food to avoid the greasy outside food. It is simply a weight watcher’s delight.
- The slow cooking traps food juices and nutrients.
- Teppan Soup is a nutrient rich starter.
- Teppan salad is a low-calorie appetizer which aids in weight loss.
- Mushrooms and broccoli are used in abundance that makes the food rich in Vitamin B, D, and selenium.
- The beauty food, shrimp cooked with minimum oil is also used in abundance.
- Green Tea, rich in antioxidants is consumed with the Teppan meal.

So, if you are health conscious foodie, Teppanyaki food should be on your food list.