Rice v/s Roti : What is your choice?

Rice v/s Roti : What is your choice?

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Rice v/s chapati (roti) is a very common and controversial topic. No Indian meal is complete without these two, but rice is often blamed for causing obesity, diabetes, and similar conditions. ‘I won’t have rice for the meal.’ is a common statement of teenagers and weight conscious people, but is this traditionally consumed food really so malicious. Almost all the weight watchers find themselves dwindling while making a choice between these two traditional foods.

The Truth:

Roti and rice both play an important part in our diet, especially in a typical Indian diet. It is the time, we understand the importance of both these foods, without the guilt of gaining weight.

Wheat Roti:

Roti or Chapatis are made from wheat flour. Hence, the importance should be given to make these healthier and not eliminate them from the diet.

Benefits of eating roti:

1. Wheat rotis get digested slowly. This promotes satiety, keeps you fuller and avoid hunger pangs. This is definitely a plus point for the weight watchers.

2. Rotis take a longer time to digest, hence it helps maintain the blood sugar levels.

3. Whole wheat is low in fat, rich in fiber .

4. Whole wheat decreases the risk of heart diseases and obesity

Tips to make your roti’s healthier:

1. Avoid drenching rotis in ghee

2. Avoid adding salt while kneading the dough.

3. Increase fiber content by adding bran.

4. Add soya flour to the roti.

5. You can even add powders like wheatgrass powder, chia seed powder, and cauliflower leaf powder to make your Nutri-roti.


Rice is easier to digest.When cooked properly in a covered vessel, extra starch is converted into resistant starch which acts as a fiber.

Benefits of eating rice:

1. Rice is easier to digest.

2. It is free from sodium.

3. Regulates digestion.

4. Brown rice is a more preferred variety of rice.

5. Brown rice can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.


1. Don’t cook rice in excess water.

2. To preserve the nutrients, cook it in the cooker or covered in a vessel.

3. Add a lot of veggies and lentils to make it nutritious.

4. Opt for brown rice or any other unpolished variety of rice.

Health experts feel that both rice and roti are rich in carbohydrates. Both are nutritious and none of them should be skipped from your meal. So, just don;t avoid these foods, control the portions.