Walking Backwards

Walking Backwards

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We all love to walk for health, so why not induce some creativity to our regular exercise, just so that our beloved exercise doesn't get too boring and walk few steps back. It’s fun and better for health too! Seems funny? What f I say it has triple benefits compared to conventional walking.

Walking backward may not sound too sane to Indians, but it is a traditional practice among the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. Though it may seem a little weird, it is for good reason. This ancient practice reaps serious fitness benefits.There is an old adage associated with walking backward, ‘ 100 steps backward are equivalent to 1,000 steps forwards.’ So retro step the fitness, forget the jump ropes and those heavy weights and start walking backward to rev up the health quotient.


Increases balance and improves brain clarity: Backward walking improves your cerebellum functioning which is vital for coordination and balance. It also sharpens your reflexes.

Good for all muscles of leg: While regular walking, your calves take a back seat, but while you walk backward, you workout your hamstrings and calves in a different way. They turn out to be more flexible after this workout. It also puts less strain on your knees and can reduce the pain you experience while climbing stairs or performing lunges. It is good for someone overcoming a hamstring strain.

Promotes healthy vision: Since we don’t have eyes on the back, we automatically become more cautious. We are more cautious and are on constant lookout for obstacles. Our all five senses are sharpened at this time.

Great cardio in less time: Walking backward uses more energy in less time. When you walk backward, your heart rate tends to rise higher than it does when you walk normally at the same pace.

How to start:

The most important are to find a place with fewer obstacles to practice this. A jogging track or hallway could be an ideal choice. You will feel the discomfort the first time you try. On the first day of your training, walk 10 steps forward and then nine steps back. Keep looking over your shoulder to check for obstacles.

Hit the right chord, rewind your tune and rewind your walking style. It’s like learning to walk, all over again. Still seems funny? Why not give it a try, if not anything, you will know your city better, thanks to the fear of bumping into unfamiliar things, you will see things around which you usually ignore while walking forward.