Why you should Travel on a regular basis!

Why you should Travel on a regular basis!

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According to recent research, people who feel fulfilled are happier and live longer. Leisure is an important part of health. Let us look at why traveling is a great option for leisure and health.

Statistics on travel:

- When students travel abroad they are more likely to complete a college degree and report higher earning.
- Workers who take time off are more productive
- Majority of leisure travelers say that they have more sex on vacation, which is also good for health.
- Travel and tourism generate enough revenue to save $1,000 more - taxes in each US household.
- Travel supports more than 14.4 million jobs in the US

The intangible benefits of travel

Expand your mind

When you travel you tend to see the world from a different perspective and hence it expands your mind. On the other hand, when we are consistently used to a specific way of living, then our mind tends to become closed to many of life’s possibilities.

Become more flexible

However, much you plan your travel, there is always an element of unpredictability. Most travelers need to allow for large margins for sudden changes in their itinerary. As a result, people who travel a lot learn to be more flexible, which is a great quality making life much easier in the long run.

Put things in perspective

To everyone, his or her problems are the worst in the world, however, when we see the suffering of others we realize we are much better off. When we see other people’s problems we don’t feel that daunted by our problems. As a result, a lot of our stress is reduced along with alleviating our depression that may be lingering in our mind and body.

Try new health foods

When we travel we are compelled to leave our comfort zones and try the local foods available at travel destinations. As a result, our bodies get different nutrients that we are not used to which adds an aspect of health to our travel.

Be more active

When we travel we indulge in sightseeing, walking, hiking or water sports. As a result, we are more active while we immerse ourselves in the new place. This also provides much-needed exercise to the body.

Build team synergy or family unity

When we travel with a group or with our family, everyone comes closer together by sharing new experiences.

Learn patience

We often face culture shocks and language barriers when we travel and then we are required to take a deep breath and not sweat the small stuff. This, in turn, builds on the quality of patience.