WORST food items to have before drinking alcohol

WORST food items to have before drinking alcohol

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Make no mistake – the type of food you consume before a round (or two) of drinks will significantly impact the speed of you getting drunk and also the subsequent hangover. Unless you are that crazy person of your group who constantly loves to venture into unchartered territories, you know that you need to eat a good meal before a night of drinking.

While we all mostly know about kind of food we should eat before and after drinking to avoid the backlash of the harrowing hangover, do we know what NOT TO EAT before going on that drinking spree?

Here are some food items to steer clear from (while you are still sober and can actually steer away without stumbling, obviously) before a fun night out with friends, which will determine whether you are the life of the party or the story that people keep talking about for days to come.

1. Salty food items:

Yes, even though it is a drink, alcohol, in fact, dehydrates your body. Salty snacks like chips, popcorn or nuts only dry your body and mouth out which makes you reach for another pint sooner than you would expect. The combination of the two together just dehydrate your body and make you thirstier.

2. A simple salad:

Leafy green salads are full of nutrients and very healthy for your body otherwise, but they hardly constitute a proper and full ‘meal’ before going out. Since it is like going out on an almost empty stomach, it will raise your blood alcohol level and will absorb alcohol into your body much faster – leading to that horrible hangover the next day.

3. Spicy food items:

As tempting as those spicy appetizers sounds as ‘chakna’ with your drinks, they should be largely avoided before a night of heavy drinking as consuming spicy, acidic foods in combination with alcohol can actually provoke acid reflux and heartburn.

4. Sushi or raw fish:

Aside from the fact that raw fish and shots of vodka don't sound delish, you're more than likely dunking your crunchy tuna roll in lots and lots of soy sauce. Soy sauce is full of salt, which speeds up your dehydration level, endangering you to a nasty hangover complete with your fair share of painful headaches the next day.

5. Orange or citrus juices:

Sour citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits can irritate an already sensitive stomach and might aggravate the feeling of an upset or uneasy tummy after drinking alcohol.