Surprising things that worsen Acidity

Surprising things that worsen Acidity

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Acidity, Heartburn, Acid Reflux – no matter what you call it, you know the feeling and you know how common it is amongst dozens of people. Basically, acid reflux is the condition that causes symptoms of heartburn, ulcers, the burning sensation in your stomach, a sore throat, etc

Since it is an extremely common condition, chances are that you yourself must have experienced it at some point in your life or know someone close who experiences it regularly, no matter how simple their lifestyle.
Even though spicy or fatty foods are generally associated with acidity, there are many other factors like smoking, obesity, eating disorders or unhealthy eating habits, that contribute to this condition.
In fact, it is surprising that many food items, which are not particularly spicy or fatty, can also worsen acidity in an instant. Take a look

1. Coffee:

Caffeinated beverages relax the sphincter muscle in your esophagus that normally blocks stomach acid from rising back up your throat to cause heartburn or ulcers. Thus, avoiding coffee, especially on an empty stomach, is the best way to follow if you suffer from acidity.

2. Chocolate:

This is perhaps the most horrible catastrophe for chocolate lovers who suffer from acid reflux. Like coffee, chocolates are also caffeinated, which means that not only do they cause reflux, but they also disarm the one coping mechanism of our body to stop the reflux. Chocolates are also said to worsen acidity as they are high in fat and cocoa – both of which cause reflux.

3. Peppermint:

Again, just like caffeine, mint relaxes the muscles that block acid from flowing back into our system, thus worsening the stomach acid level. Anything containing peppermint – chewing gum, tea, desserts, chocolates, should be therefore be completely avoided by people suffering from this condition.

4. Alcohol:

Even though the occasional drink is fine, it is advisable to avoid regular alcohol intake if you have a serious condition of being susceptible to acidity. This is because alcohol contains acid by itself – thereby flaring up your whole system. Alcohol is also said to be dehydrating, which would reduce the amount of saliva production in your mouth. Lesser the saliva, lesser are the chances of you clearing up the leftover acid in your stomach.

5. High-fat Dairy Products:

Such food items, like cheese or butter, contain a high level of fat, which is hard to digest, and hence they slow down the emptying of your stomach, which can lead to an increased pressure on your intestines, especially if eaten at the end of your meals.

6. Carbonated Drinks:

Carbonated drinks like sodas or flavored beverages increase pressure levels in the stomach, which in turn increases the acidic response. Acidic fruit juices (like citrus fruit juices) should also be avoided, especially before going to bed.

7. Tomatoes:

Juicy, ripe and delicious, tomatoes usually fall under the category of those food items which provide health benefits. Unfortunately, those suffering from acidity should avoid eating tomatoes as they are highly acidic in nature.