Perfect snacks for those midnight cravings

Perfect snacks for those midnight cravings

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We all have had mid-night cravings at some point in time in our lives – be it when you’re binge watching your fave TV series on weekends or when you’re laughing like a crazy maniac late into the night with your best friend over something totally idiotic and trivial.

While health experts often advise avoiding late night snacking entirely, if you’re genuinely hungry, you shouldn’t wait out until the next morning to fill your tummy up. Choosing a light and filling late-night snack can keep you from over-eating random stuff that is available in your kitchen and can satisfy your appetite – at least until you remember the next biggest joke from over a decade ago and burst into peals of laughter all over again.

So the next time your stomach growls or screeches before your bedtime, try out these slightly healthier and satisfying snacks to calm it down!

1. Cottage cheese or yogurt:

We know, nothing goes best with a late-night movie marathon better than ice-cream, but a cup of yogurt or cottage cheese can be the super cool and creamy alternative to a tub of ice-cream. Both of these foods are high in protein and calcium, which are shown to have produced more restful sleep. If you can scavenge some frozen berries to top your yogurt with, you will hit the ultimate healthy-snacking jackpot in spite of being half-asleep!

2. Popcorn!

Movies and popcorn! C’mon we don’t even have to say how much of an awesome combo that is out loud. Popcorn is the only snacking food item that is 100% unprocessed whole grain. Popcorn is much healthier than a bag of greasy and oily potato chips and makes for a delicious late-night snack. So grab some and gossip the night away!

3. Grapes:

Juicy and hydrating, grapes are the perfect finger food to have late in the night. Made of 82 percent water, a serving of grapes provides 1/3 cup of water and is a healthy-heart snack. A natural source of beneficial antioxidants and plant compounds, they are highly enjoyable and healthy.

4. Pistachios or nuts:

If you like savory snacks but want to avoid something too salty at late night, try some pistachios or nuts like almonds, walnuts or cashews to cure your hunger pangs. Though all seasoned nuts are full of protein and nutrition, snacking on pistachios gives you an advantage over them, as you get more nuts per ounce. Since they are full of fiber and energy, gorging on nuts is one of the best healthy snacking options that people have been swearing by.

5. Herbal Teas:

If you are not hungry enough to want to eat something but are in the mood for just a warm or light beverage before sleeping, herbal teas could be the perfect choice for you! Flavored herbal teas like chocolate mint, coconut cake, caramel vanilla or even Chamomile will not only fill your stomach up but also relax and soothe your body before a good night’s rest. Since almost all herbal teas are free from caffeine, they are completely ideal for sipping before your bedtime