Fitness Equipment - Save OR Spend?

Fitness Equipment - Save OR Spend?

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Whether you sweat it out at the gym or have an active routine of your own, getting fit can be a costly affair. Having the right footwear, equipment and gear can make a huge difference to your fitness lifestyle – exactly the reason why people, especially fitness newbies, are tempted to spend a little fortune on them. However, not all products are good only if they are costly and hence it is important to classify such items as per their necessity, frequency of use and comfort. For those who are struggling to figure out how to spend money on such gear, here’s a little guide which will make sure that you burn only fat, not money.

1. Shoes – Spend

Running is a very common way to workout, especially for those who do not opt to go to gyms. A bad pair of running shoes can not only lead to muscular imbalance but also cause decreased performance or injuries. If you do not want to sprain your ankle merely while jogging or running, it is crucial that you try to buy a perfect fit of cross trainers, which would be useful for multiple sports activities. Since proper footwear is not just a matter of comfort, but that of safety too, it is recommended that you invest in a good pair from a well-known brand that supports your feet and keeps discomfort away.

2. Yoga Mats – Save

Unless you are the hard-core addict who just cannot get enough of Yoga, you should not splurge on a yoga mat, which is something that might be casually used only three to four times a week. Further, gear such as yoga mats might last you for years as they do not wear out as easily as say, running shoes or sportswear. So by the time you get enough use out of one, there are high chances that you already got bored looking at the same color every day and got a couple of extra ones anyway.

3. Sports Bras – Spend

This is especially crucial for ladies who indulge in heavy-duty workouts. A cheaper bra does not provide you with support or coverage, especially during high-impact workouts or exercise routines. Besides losing elasticity and comfort pretty quickly, cheaper bras are also not very good at preventing damage to the body structure when necessary. Even though the good ones are a little pricey, you’ll be glad you invested in them in the long run.

4. Workout Shirts and Tops – Save

We know, bright neons and colorful stripes always paint a good picture when you want the energy to get out and get fit, but wasting money on something that just looks good is not encouraged. As long as the material used is comfortable, stretchy and breathable, you are good to go! Since these tanks and tops are something that you’d need a few pairs of, it is absolutely unnecessary to choose only expensive brands which sell active wear. After all, these clothes are just something that you will sweat in – all the time.

5. Workout Pants – Spend

Even though you can save money by opting for inexpensive tops for working out, you, unfortunately, cannot escape with the pants too. Since pants tend to succumb to the maximum movement when it comes to working out, paying extra when it comes to a good pair or two might not entirely be a bad idea. Using a good pair, in rotation with other regular ones, will prevent friction, chafing, and rashes in the thigh area.

6. Water Bottles – Save

Yes, “fitness water bottles", in different shapes, sizes, colors and with quotes, are totally a thing these days! No matter how cool it looks or what connection it has with you staying fit (we think there isn’t any), it is ultimately just a bottle which holds water. So do not get carried away, run off from the water-bottle aisle if you have to, but do not unnecessarily splurge on something so trivial. Instead, treat yourself with an expensive brownie or piece of dessert when you’ve had a good week or month, fitness-wise, and keep that a secret!