Meaning of Raw, Natural, Organic and Filtered Food

Meaning of Raw, Natural, Organic and Filtered Food

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Our lives are quite incomplete without a thing called ‘FOOD’. Food keeps us alive for which we have to earn through our hard work. After all, we love food, the primary source of keeping our body moving. Plus, the world is filled with a gamut of food coming from different nations and holding a different history altogether.

There are a number of cuisines as well starting from Chinese, Pan-Asian, Italian, Indian and Thai food to name a few. Plus, in a country like India where there is a huge canvas of different cultures, food is further divided based on such culture. Let us just say, our fingers will fall short if we start counting.

In the modern world, the food game has gone a notch higher where food is being divided into different categories like raw food, organic food, natural food and filtered food. Phew! Now that is super confusing. Especially for a common man as all these sound pretty healthy and same (somewhat). So, you might just get up and ask the difference between the categories of food mentioned above. Well, to make things tad clearer to you, in this blog we will bring out the difference between raw, natural, organic and filtered food to lessen the confusion for you.

Raw Food:

To start with, raw food includes only and only plant materials. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, greens, and legumes all come under raw. Thus, we can say there is no place for animal food like dairy, eggs or flesh. Raw food cannot be cooked above 38 degrees Celsius, as this temperature is also recognized as our normal body temperature. When food is cooked above this temperature, it loses enzymes, vitamins and minerals and changes altogether. In fact, our body does not cook food as food but toxin instead. Purely raw food is basically 100% raw and living food. Plus, raw food is full of minerals and vitamins, active enzymes, enriched water which your body needs and chlorophyll (essential for our body and mind).

Natural Food:

Well, this is yet another term that thrown around a lot in today’s world. So, what is exactly natural food? Natural food is considered to be that category of food which has not been processed and contains the least amount of additives like hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings which were originally not present in the food. Thus, food that is not containing nay artificial property is concerned as natural food. The packed foods sold in the departmental stores have the label of ‘natural food’. However, this aspect of food being natural might not be true always.

Organic Food:

A layman will get royally confused between organic food and natural food. However, there is a difference between organic food and natural food. Organic foods are significantly those food products which are grown or cultivated on the fields without using any man-made or synthetic growth inducers like pesticides, synthetic fertilizer and so on. Not just that, even animals are grown without infusing in them any kind of external hormones or antibiotics. The most common foods that fall under this head are fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, and grains.

Filtered Food:

Finally, we come down to filtered food. Well, precisely filtered food might sound new to some. Well, it sounded somewhat new to us and after some research (though we did not get the exact meaning), we came to the conclusion that filtered food are that food which is purified or filtered from all the dirt and other unhygienic materials which might come with the natural or raw form of food before they are packed into finished product and delivered to the consumers. This has nothing to do with food being organic or natural; it is just concerned about the finished product being clean from undesirable materials.