Rise Of Healthy Beverages

Rise Of Healthy Beverages

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According to a recent report, demand for healthier drinks is on rise. Better-for-you teas, waters, juices and more are driving growth in the beverage category.

In the past few years, there has been a boom in the food and beverages industry when it comes to health drinks and other healthy foods. Just a casual walk through a food store and you’ll be able to notice how different it is from the same section in the same mall, a few years ago. There are a wide range of teas, sodas, waters and juices that are ‘good for you’ besides the usual colas. It’s quite a good sign to see the health revolution in India catching on, considering we are the third most obese nation in the world, with some serious work to do when it comes to health.

Stores are flooded with such teas and drinks that have labels boasting of a wide range of nutrients and elements such as antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins and other minerals that are needed by the body. Today, every second person is a health freak especially in the younger generations. The older generation too is catching on and switching to healthier alternatives to sip on, with coconut water becoming the most mainstream and in demand since it is considered to be the most natural and lower in calories and sugarless as compared to the other bottled drinks that are found in the market.

Gym goers and fitness enthusiasts rely on protein shakes that are found in abundance in the market today, to fulfil their daily requirements of protein that the body requires. Besides this, juices such as orange and watermelon are also looked at as popular refreshments instead of the conventional sodas and colas. In order to maintain weight and stay fit and in shape, a lot of the people today are going on liquid diets, and the affordable luxuries of health drinks make life much simpler and more pleasant as well as help the cause of weight loss as well.

Tea industry has also gone through a major boost, with flavoured teas such as raspberry, blueberry etc. flooding the market, as well as the normal health packed black, green and white teas becoming popular as well when it comes to weight management and improving skin and reducing acne.

All in all, a very positive step forward for us!