SeriCha Natural, 100gm

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› Especially for Diabetics.
› Contains calcium, iron, and zinc.
› Antioxidant-rich brew.
› Contains essential vitamins & minerals.
› Strengthening immunity.

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Sericha Natural is pure and natural tea produced by using the finest hand-picked leaves of Mulberry grown in SeriCha’s own plantations. This aromatic herbal drink has a mild tasting flavor and has been traditionally used in Chinese medicines. It's health benefits are attributed to the naturally occurring compounds. 


  • Especially for Diabetics.
  • Enriched with naturally occurring flavonoid, quercetin.
  • Contains calcium, iron, and zinc.
  • Rich in rutin, a capillary strengthening the material.
  • Antioxidant-rich brew.
  • Contains ascorbic acid and beta-carotene.
  • Contains essential vitamins & minerals.
  • 100% Natural & Organic


Benefits of SeriCha Natural:

  • Contains natural compound, DNJ, which helps in lowering blood sugar in the body and prevents post meal sugar spiking. 
  • Contains another natural compound, GABA, that helps bring down blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. 
  • Helps reduce anxiety stress.
  • Being a good source of Calcium, This tea is great for bone strength and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Combats arterial plaque development and reduces cholesterol levels. 
  • Antioxidants in this tea are vital in strengthening immunity. 
  • Mulberry leaves in SeriCha tea helps regulate better bowel movement.



100% Natural & Organic Mulberry leaves.


How to use:

SeriCha tastes just like green tea and is to be consumed without milk and without sugar.
It is available in the form of drink bags. One drink bag is to be placed in a boiling cup of 150 ml of water, let it brew for 3-5 minutes. For better results, to keep the drink bag in the cup till the end. Lime can be added for taste. 
It should be taken twice daily- at least 30 minutes before breakfast and before dinner. 


Information about the brand:

Established in 2000, Healthline commenced business with the manufacture of parenteral formulations near Mysore. Headquartered in Bangalore, They have 4 manufacturing facilities and work in close collaboration with national research institutes and their R&D is recognized by DSIR, Government of India. They are ISO-9001-2008 certified and are licensed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.


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