Dolce Vita Moscatel Sweet Wine Vinegar 250ml

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Dolce Vita is one of the leading producers of premium quality vinegar which is used for preparing a number of delicacies. Their products are sourced using 100% Natural ingredients in order to maximize health benefits along with ensure the perfect taste and aroma. Dolce Vita Moscatel Sweet Wine Vinegar is made using sweet wine from the white grape muscatel variety. It has a smooth and bittersweet taste with a luscious golden colour which makes it tempting.



  • Easy to use.

  • Characteristic bittersweet taste with nice golden colour.

  • Goes well with salads and fish along with nuts and berries.

  • Great for regular use.

  • Contains numerous antioxidants which help in cleansing the system.


Benefits of sweet wine vinegar:

  • Natural sweetness derived from grapes makes it extremely helpful in weight management.

  • White Vinegar helps in reduction of Bad Cholesterol in the system and regulating the level of total cholesterol.

  • It works like an antioxidant and helps in purification of blood as well.

  • Along with having Vitamin C and antioxidants, White Wine Vinegar also strengthens your immune system thereby making it easy for you to fight infections inflammations and even cancer.

  • Helps digestion, relieves gas and acidity as well as blister and boils over regular use.



Moscatel wine vinegar, sulphites (added during wine production).


How to use:

Use Dolce Vita Moscatel Sweet Wine Vinegar to make a variety of delicious dishes such as salads, curries, etc. The perfect blend of White Grapes goes well with salads and fish and makes for an irresistible combination.


Alternative use:

Dolce Vita Moscatel Sweet Wine Vinegar is a great substitute for regular vinegar which is made using artificial flavours and preservatives. Unlike those products, Dolce Vita products are completely organic making them safe for everyone to consume.


Details about the manufacturer:

Dolce Vita Foods has been striving all these years to provide its customers with high quality foods and pastes which are organic and natural in order to preserve their nourishment and taste. The perfect blend of taste and health is met with all of Dolce Vita products which makes them desired by all. Their products are sourced using only natural methods and resources with a view to provide a wholesome and fulfilling experience to the consumer.


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