Mlesna Peach Apricot Green Tea, 100gm

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Mlesna Peach Green Tea is a delicious beverage with the flavor of mellow peaches and a deep flavor of apricot. It is a mix of fine quality of Ceylon Green tea with the amazing flavor blend of Apricot and Peaches.  It is a wonderful way to start your day. It has a delicate and fruity taste and a sweet-smelling aroma. It has great taste backed up by various health benefits.


  • Rich source of antioxidants.
  • Contains L-theanine and amino acids.
  • Calorie free.
  • Apricot is loaded with several vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron etc.
  • Peaches have anti-aging properties.


Benefits of Peach Green Tea:

  • Beta Carotene and vitamin A present in Apricots enhances overall vision.
  • Apricots being rich in antioxidants help to eliminate toxins and free radicals.
  • It is beneficial for the healthy heart.
  • Peaches help to decrease anxiety and stress
  • Anti-aging properties can make you look younger.
  • L-theanine and amino acids in Green Tea help to enhance brain functions and metabolism.
  • Ceylon green teas are proven to help in weight loss by increasing the metabolism slightly , controlling appetite and helping to burn fat.



Ceylon Green Tea with Peach and Apricot extracts.


How to use:

Boil Peach Green Tea with water or add boiling water to it in a cup and let it brew for 1 to 2 minutes.


Information about the brand:

All tea products of Mlesna are packed and transported from Sri Lanka within few days of harvesting, retaining its freshness. They are supplied and blended by expert tea specialists with far-reaching experience in fine quality teas. All products of Mlesna Teas are obtained from the best quality of ingredients to boost nutritional benefits and taste. Be it black tea or green, consumed plain or with milk, Mlesna gives the world fine, unparalleled quality teas that is incomparable.


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