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Mlesna Soursop Green Tea is a green tea processed with a natural extract of Soursop. Soursop is a large fruit native to America touted as the magical fruit. Tea made from this fruit has a mild citrus flavor. It has a pleasant taste and smells equally good. Pure Ceylon leaves add a distinct taste to the tea.


  • Rich source of Vitamin B and C.
  • Contains ample amount of antioxidants and bioactive compounds.
  • High concentration of alkaloids and acetogenins.
  • Anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rich in calcium and iron.


Benefits of Soursop Green Tea:

  • Helpful to prevent throat, lung, and ovarian cancer, thanks to its alkaloids and acetogenins content
  • Vitamin B1 boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss
  • Helps to cope with blood pressure and diabetes and helps to enhance blood flow.
  • It also helps to calm the body and support healthy digestion.
  • Green Tea has plenty of bioactive compounds that increases complete health and immunity.
  • Helps remove free radicals , flushes out toxins from the body and cleans skin to make you feel good and fresh.
  • Help produce fibrinogen which fastens healing of wounds
  • It also helps to lower cholesterol that eventually manages weight over regular use.



Ceylon Green Tea with extracts of Soursop.


How to use:

Replace your regular tea with Soursop Green Tea and enhance your tea drinking experience. Pour a cup of boiling water in a cup with tea leaves. Let it brew , strain the leaves and savor the perfectly blended tea.


Information about the brand:

All tea products of Mlesna are packed and transported from Sri Lanka within few days of harvesting, retaining its freshness. They are supplied and blended by expert tea specialists with far-reaching experience in fine quality teas. All products of Mlesna Teas are obtained from the best quality of ingredients to boost nutritional benefits and taste. Be it black tea or green, consumed plain or with milk, Mlesna gives the world fine,


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