Basilur Summer Tea 20 Tea Bags

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Basilur Summer Tea is a premium product from Basilur Teas which aims to provide the highest quality and taste in organic Ceylon Tea. With years of experience, Basilur Tea experts are always confident of sourcing the perfect blend of Ceylon Green tea. Basilur Summer Tea is an exquisite infusion of Green Tea with wild strawberries to add to the taste and richness. This tea is great for a summer afternoon because of its light flavour and richness in quality and taste.


Benefits of Summer Tea:

  • Strawberries help in burning stored fat and reducing cardiovascular tension improving overall health and immunity.

  • Green tea has powerful antioxidant qualities that help in protection against cancer.

  • The bioactive compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on neurons and may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

  • Green Tea helps in lowering cholesterol and eventually helps in weight management over regular use.



100% Pure Ceylon Green tea with wild strawberries for the perfect blend.


How to use:

Use Basilur Summer Tea as a replacement for regular Tea and feel the difference. Just boil with water or mix with boiling water to enjoy the perfectly blended Ceylon Tea. It is packed in foil pouch with zipper to preserve the freshness of the tea.


Alternative use:

Basilur Summer Tea is a great substitute for regular Tea and is extremely beneficial to overall health and immunity coupled with exquisite taste. This makes it perfect to be offered to everyone with its uniqueness and freshness. The infusion of Green Tea with strawberries makes it extremely delicious and refreshing as well.


Details about the manufacturer:

All of Basilur Teas products are packed and shipped from Sri Lanka within a matter of days of harvesting, leaving all the goodness & freshness in tea. They are sourced and blended by master tea specialists with vast experience in fine teas. The finest quality of Basilur Tea is blended with amazing flavors, natural fruits and herbs, to provide a delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience. The exquisite packaging and unique flavours of Basilur Tea makes a perfect gift for any occasion.


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