Bagrry's Wheat Bran, 500gm

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› Increases satiety and controls appetite
› May prevents stomach cancer & hemorrhoids
› Helps to improve in heart health
› helps in reduction of cholesterol levels
› Helps in reducing blood pressure

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Bagrrys Wheat Bran is the exclusive bran product which is very high in fiber content. Wheat bran is the hard outer layer of finest wheat grain packed with high quantities of insoluble fiber. It is ideal for people struggling with weight management or has a poor digestive system.



  • Rich source of insoluble fiber.
  • High in protein.
  • Contains magnesium, iron, & vitamins.


Benefits of Bagrrys Wheat Bran:

  • Insoluble fiber can work like a broom inside your body by cleansing the digestive system, and improving its smooth functioning.
  • It is helpful in treating mild constipation and maintains proper bowel movements.
  • Increases satiety and controls appetite. 
  • Helps in better weight management by overcome excessive calorie intake.
  • Reduces the risk of colon diseases.
  • Helps in reducing stomach pain for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Fiber content helps in reduction of cholesterol levels leading to overall improvement in heart health.
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure to a considerable level.
  • May prevents stomach cancer & hemorrhoids.  



Wheat bran, vegetable oil, oat bran, corn syrup, Wheat starch, coconut, contains 2% or less of molasses, cinnamon, salt, baking soda, soy, natural and artificial flavor, nutmeg.



People suffering from celiac diseases cannot eat wheat bran.


How to use:

Add it with flour and reap the benefits of healthy Bagrrys Wheat Bran. It can also be used for preparing a variety of other dishes as an addition to the batter to increase the nutrition value of the dish.


Alternative use:

This breakfast product is extracted from the outer layer of the world’s finest wheat making it amazing to taste. As it is high in insoluble fiber and protein, you can sprinkle it over your morning cereal to add taste and nutrition to your breakfast.


Information about the brand:

One of the leading health foods and breakfast cereals brand in the world, Bagrrys founded by Mr. Shyam Bagri who believes that access to nutrition and wholesome food is one’s right and not a privilege. Their aim is to provide high-quality health foods which are made of only 100% natural ingredients to their consumers at an affordable price for regular use.

Brand Bagrrys
Food Preference Vegetarian
Health Benefit Weight Control
Specialty Rich in Fiber
Type Wheat Bran
Weight 500gm

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