True elements Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli 400gm pack of 2

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› Good fiber content.
› Zero cholesterol and no trans fat.
› Anti-bacterial properties.
› Rich source of protein.
› A rich source of dietary fiber.

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True Elements Cranberry and Blueberry muesli is a unique variety of muesli, perfect for the berries lover. It has a sweet taste of cranberries and tangy taste of blueberries which can enhance your breakfast experience. Loaded with flavour, True Elements Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli is highly nutritional, low on calories and can be an ideal breakfast. It is suitable for kids, weight watchers, and fitness freaks.



  • Good fiber content.
  • Zero cholesterol and no trans fat.
  • Anti-bacterial properties.
  • Rich source of protein.
  • Ideal breakfast option.
  • Suitable for kids.


Benefits of Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli:

  • Being a rich source of dietary fiber, Muesli promotes satiety and helps in weight management.
  • Ideal breakfast for the office goers who usually end up skipping breakfast because of time constraints.
  • Great for the heart health as it contains zero cholesterol no trans fat.
  • Controls food cravings and keeps you full for a long time.
  • Oats and whole grains help in lowering blood pressure.
  • Raisins help in fighting against bacteria which causes gum diseases.
  • Cranberries, as well as blueberries, help protect from UTI.
  • Can also slow down aging, help cognitive decline, lower cholesterol and fight cancer.



Rolled Oats 34%, Whole Wheat Flakes 32% (wheat, Iodised Salt, Anti oxidant-Soya Lecithin, Malt Extract and Baking Powder), Malted Corn Flakes 10%, Invert Syrup, Dried Cranberry, Sugar, Raisins 3.5%, Almonds 2.50%, Dried Blueberry, Honey, Anti-Oxidant (INS E 322 - Soya Lecithin a Natural Vegetable Ingredient).


How to use:

Put Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli into a bowl of milk (hot or cold) or yogurt and enjoy the healthy meal. Muesli can also be eaten with smoothies, pancakes, making it a healthy breakfast cereal and can be also be served as a snack.


Information about the brand:

True Elements stands for purity and honesty in its products. The word ‘true’ indicates genuineness while the word ‘elements’ refers to the high-quality components of the products. Together, the brand stands for best quality products, which are ‘elemental’ to good health. True Elements as a brand strives to support you in your endeavor to maintain good health by providing pure, high-quality products with a multitude of benefits.

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