True Elements Perfect Breakfast Combo Pack (steel-cut oats, spearmint green tea, fruit/ nut muesli)

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True Elements Healthy breakfast kit contains three highly nutritive breakfast items: Steel cut oats , Spearmint Green Tea and Fruit and Nuts muesli. It is a highly recommended breakfast products, packed with the essential products that are best to start your morning with. Spearmint green tea can be a great substitute to your normal tea and can refresh you like no other tea. Gluten free steel cut oats are high protein breakfast item fit to be consumed on a day when you are involved in the strenuous workout. Fruit and Nuts Muesli is an ideal morning breakfast products to kick start your day.



  • Rich protein and fiber content.
  • Steel Cut Oats are a less processed variety of oats.
  • Fruit and Nuts Muesli is free from cholesterol and trans fat.
  • Loaded with the goodness of dried fruits and nuts.
  • Spearmint green tea contains ample amount of antioxidants.


Health Benefits of Healthy Breakfast Products:

  • Protein rich food products.
  • Can help lose weight and maintain the desired waistline.
  • Maintains healthy digestive system.
  • Relieves fatigue, drowsiness and provides ample amount of energy.
  • Helps control cholesterol and is a heart healthy kit.
  • Relieves anxiety and stress.
  • Spearmint soothes acne and skin allergies.
  • Steel cut Oats is a better breakfast option for diabetic and gluten intolerance patients.
  • Helps you live longer.



Fruit and Nuts Muesli, Steel Cut Oats and Spearmint Green Tea.


Allergic Information:

Allergic to breakfast kit is uncommon.


How to use:

Steel Cut Oats can be a healthier replacement to your quick oats and can be cooked in a similar fashion but for a longer time. Fruit and Nuts Muesli can be consumed directly as on the run breakfast or can be served with milk or yogurt. Spearmint Green Tea can be brewed in a boiling cup of pure water.


Information about the brand:

True Elements stand for purity and honesty in its products. The word ‘true’ indicates genuineness while the word ‘elements’ refers to the high-quality components of the products. Together, the brand stands for best quality products, which are ‘elemental’ to good health. True Elements as a brand strives to support you in your endeavor to maintain good health by providing pure, high-quality products with a multitude of benefits.

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