Harippa Pumpkin Seeds Roasted, Cheesy Onion 100gm

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› 100% natural product.
› No added preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings.
› Low-calorie, robust snack.
› Contains heart-healthy fats and Vitamin E.
› Maintains healthy digestive system.

Brand: True Elements

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Healthy Cheese Snacks are big on the real thing. Harippa Cheesy Pumpkin seeds roasted in rich cheese and fresh onion is a great healthy snack option, especially for the cheese lovers. Thanks to the onion and cheese, these powerhouse super seeds will be gobbled up fast. This snack will not only suffice your cheesy desires but can also provide nourishing elements to your body. These snacks are packed in easy-to-use pyramidal packaging, which makes your snacking hassle free.



  • 100% natural product.
  • No added preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings.
  • Low-calorie, robust snack.
  • Excellent source of protein.
  • Contains heart-healthy fats and Vitamin E.
  • Provides plant based omega 3 fatty acids.


Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds:

  • Robust snack option.
  • Roasting and flavoring make these seeds palate pleasing.
  • Maintains healthy digestive system.
  • Tryptophan promotes sound sleep.
  • Proteins are beneficial for muscle growth.
  • Magnesium maintains blood pressure and can reduce the risk of heart strokes.
  • Can help reduce postmenopausal symptoms.



Pumpkin Seeds , Cheese powder, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Sea Salt, Pepper powder, Parsley, Extra virgin olive oil.


Allergic Information:

Allergy to this seeds is uncommon.


How to use:

Harippa Cheesy Pumpkin seeds is the best snack option for your hunger pangs. It can be a healthy replacement to your cheesy calorie-laden chips and crisps and can even be a delicious way to add seeds in your diet.


Information about the brand:

Inspired by natural foods consumed by our forefathers, True Elements provides a select range of Snacks and Supplements, that stand for what our forefathers believed in, but packed and modified for the current generation! Harippa, the sub-brand of True Elements  is the fusion of Harappa and Hadippa, symbolizing one of the oldest civilizations on this planet, and a true emotion of "Fun". This is exactly what we have attempted in this new range of  snacks - bringing together ingredients from the oldest civilization, but seasoned with modern taste - the perfect fusion of Ancient Bites and Modern Taste.

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