Clipper Organic White Tea with Peppermint 26 Tea Bags

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› It contains numerous bioactive compounds.
› White Tea help in improving brain functioning.
› Helps in lowering cholesterol.
› Reduce the risk of alzheimer’s disease.
› Helps in weight manageme

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Clipper is one of the leading producers of 100% organic and natural teas which are great in taste and health. Collectively it produces some of the world's finest teas and enjoys an enviable reputation in the tea world. Clipper White Tea with Peppermint is made using 100% Pure Organic Tea with Peppermint extracts for taste. Clipper Teas are grown in tranquil tea gardens surrounded by misty mountains and breathtaking natural waterfalls. It is made completely of natural ingredients sourced without any preservatives.


Benefits of Organic White Tea:

  • It contains numerous Bioactive Compounds that improve overall health and immunity to a large extent.
  • ​Ingredients such as L-theanine and amino acids which naturally occur in White Tea help in improving brain functioning and metabolism.​
  • The bioactive compounds in white tea can have various protective effects on neurons and may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • ​Helps in lowering cholesterol and eventually helps in weight management over regular use.



100% Pure White Tea with Peppermint Extracts.


How to use:

Use Clipper Organic White Tea with Peppermint as a replacement for regular Tea and feel the difference. Just boil water and mix with boiling water to enjoy the perfectly blended White Tea. It is packed in a foil pouch with a zipper to preserve the freshness of the tea.


Alternative use:

Pure Tea is a great substitute for regular Tea and is extremely beneficial to overall health and immunity coupled with exquisite taste. This makes it perfect to be offered to everyone with its uniqueness and freshness.


Details about the brand:

Based originally in the United Kingdom, Clipper Teas has earned a reputation for itself in the Tea industry by providing the finest quality brews which are sourced naturally. From teas to drinking chocolate, Clipper offers a wide variety of products which are desired by people of all age groups. Collectively it produces some of the world's finest brews and enjoys an enviable reputation in the world. Their products are 100% organic making them safe for everyone to consume.


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