The Tea Shelf Organic Rose Green Tea 100gm

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Most people all over the world are turning towards the gifts of nature for maintaining their health and fitness. One of the precious gifts of nature is green tea. Although most tea-drinking populations are only now starting to accept green tea as a regular drink its popularity is increasing steadily. Nowadays there is also a trend of adding ingredients like ginger, tulsi and even rose petals to the green tea for additional benefits. This is the reason that The Tea Shelf has come up with different combinations of green tea.



The Organic Rose Green Tea provided by The Tea Shelf is available in convenient packages of 100 grams and the pricing is reasonable considering the immense benefits that this tea has for the health. All the teas sold by this company are grown in an organic manner which means that during their cultivation no artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used. At the same time, no artificial coloring or flavoring agents, preservatives etc. are added to these products.


Benefits of Organic Rose Green Tea:

  • Research has proved that green tea is good for the health of the heart, brain and in fact, protects you from the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other such ailments.
  • Some research suggests that it can also help in weight loss and is a good substitute for sugary drinks like soda pop.
  • It also helps healthy cells in all stages of growth and hence may also have some anti-cancer properties.
  • There is a chemical called theanine in this tea which has a calming effect on the body and mind.
  • The rose petals added to the Tea Shelf green tea also have a positive effect on weight loss efforts.
  • Rose petals when consumed also act as a natural aphrodisiac.
  • According to research rose, petals and their essence are also great at relieving stress & depression.


How to use:

Bring water to a boil and turn off the flame. Add some amount of Organic Rose green tea in the water and allow it to steep for a few minutes. Strain and drink hot or as a cold tea.


Information about the brand:

The Tea Shelf is a brand dealing exclusively in teas of different kinds. It specializes in exotic teas like Talayar tea, Oolong tea etc. The products of this company are free of any harmful chemicals as they are cultivated in an organic manner and no chemicals are used in their final production.

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