Earth loaf Organic Raw cacao and long leaf Assam Tea 100gm

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Earth loaf presents “Organic Raw cacao and long leaf Assam Tea”, which has a great combination of raw South Indian full-bodied cacao and long tea leaves of Assam (organic).  The tea is perfect for your morning and afternoons. The cacao gives you smooth chocolaty feel while the tea refreshes you with the essence of Assam in it. Drinking it as a tea may give you delicious experience as well as wonderful health benefits. The product is a great way to enjoy the sip of tea which is full of energy, chocolate, and health.


  • Only top two leaves are used.
  • Rich antioxidant source.
  • Contains iron and magnesium.
  • Many health benefits.
  • A perfect anti-stress beverage.
  • No harmful chemicals at all.

Health benefits of Organic Raw Cacao And Long Leaf Assam Tea:

  • Mood refreshing tea.
  • Cocoa in its raw form is highly rich in minerals like Iron, Magnesium, chromium, and antioxidants. Vitamin C, Omega-6-Fatty acids are also present. 
  • Antioxidant-rich beverage, thereby reducing oxidative stress
  • Iron necessary for the formation of a blood protein is found in a wholesome amount in this tea.
  • Calms you down and neutralizes the toxins.
  • Promotes build up Serotonin and it is the only source of the chemical Anandamide known. It is a bliss chemical. May boost your mood and make you feel contended and happy.



Rich Cocoa, Cocoa oils, long leaf tea, sugars.


Directions for use:

Use 1 teaspoon of “Earth loaf Organic Raw cacao and long leaf Assam Tea” for 1 cup or as per required. 
For strong tea lovers,  up to 2 teaspoons can be used.
Drink daily for health benefits.

Allergic Information:

Allergy to any of component present in the tea is Rare.


Information about the brand:

Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw, the bean-to-bar chocolate producers based in Mysore is a craft foods project dedicated to uniting people and nature, nutrition and gourmet well-crafted foods. They also blend a range of cacao infused teas and sell organic food commodities grown in India. Earth Loaf and Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw are trading names of Earth Loaf Artisan & Raw PVT LTD (India).

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