True Elements Black Quinoa 500gm

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True Elements Black Quinoa is similar to other quinoa when it comes to nutrition values, but in appearance, taste and flavour, it is darker, crunchier and stronger. It is a result of naturally developed hybrid of lamb’s quarter (a grain commonly found in North America) and traditional quinoa. High levels of fibre and protein are found in black quinoa which is one of the reasons why it is included in the list of superfoods. This superfood along with being gluten-free has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Benefits of Black Quinoa:

  • The high protein content in quinoa helps in raising the energy levels, repairs the wear and tear of the body and keeps you active throughout.
  • Due to the presence of vital vitamins and minerals, it helps maintain the good health of skin, hair, liver and nervous system.
  • Natural detox through its naturally occurring antioxidants.
  • It is a rich source of fibre which keeps your stomach full for a longer time, satiates your hunger pangs and prevents you from binge eating. 
  • It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which keep inflammatory diseases at bay by combating the foreign particles from causing cell damage.
  • Minerals such as magnesium are present in high amounts which prevent hardening of arteries, prevents cardiovascular diseases and keeps your heart healthy.
  • Because of the presence of soluble fibre, it keeps cholesterol levels under control and also prevents sugar spikes, thus keeping diabetes at bay. 



Black Quinoa.


How to use:

Take one cup of black quinoa and soak for 45 minutes in fresh water before cooking. Place this grain and water in a saucepan in the ratio of 1:3. Cover the pan and let it simmer, allow it to sit for 15 minutes after the water is boiled.

Information about the brand:

True Elements stands for purity and honesty in its products. The word ‘true’ indicates genuineness while the word ‘elements’ refers to the high-quality components of the products. Together, the brand stands for best quality products, which are ‘elemental’ to good health. True Elements as a brand strives to support you in your endeavour to maintain good health by providing pure, high-quality products with a multitude of benefits.

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