True Elements Oolong Tea 50gm

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› Great to taste and pleasant aroma.
› Rich source of antioxidants.
› Between green and black tea in caffeine levels.
› Good for weight loss.
› It is effective in controlling the metabolic fat.&

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A steaming hot cup of True Elements Oolong Tea can be relaxing, but this tea is simply more than just a tasty refreshing beverage. It is a traditional Chinese brew, quite famous in the weight loss community. It is commonly used by most tea drinkers on a weight loss diet and who want to control their blood sugar levels. Oolong Tea delivers a perfect strong flavour and a pleasant aroma, thus making it desirable by all. This tea is slightly fermented and semi-oxidized, hence has a taste between green and black tea. The exquisite packaging and taste makes it an ideal gift for tea connoisseurs.


Health Benefits of Oolong tea:

  • It is effective in controlling the metabolic fat in the body and can help to reduce obesity.
  • Reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and can soothe your stomach.
  • Antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress which leads to cell damage.
  • Acts as an anti-allergen, relieving irritation and chronic skin problems.
  • Increases mental alertness. Balances the blood sugar levels and controls symptoms of type 2 diabetes.
  • Antioxidant compounds present in tea help to reduce the risks of getting cancer.
  • Drinking as little as a half-cup of this tea per day may lower the risk of high blood pressure by nearly 50 %, lowers cholesterol and can protect your body from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reduces the formation of oral cavities and maintains the oral health.



Oolong tea leaves.


How to use:

Use Oolong Tea as a replacement for regular Tea and feel the difference.
Just boil water and mix 1-2 teaspoon ( depending on your taste) with boiling water, let it brew for 2-3 minutes to enjoy the perfectly blended Tea.


Information about the brand:

True Elements stands for purity and honesty in its products. The word ‘true’ indicates genuineness while the word ‘elements’ refers to the high-quality components of the products. Together, the brand stands for best quality products, which are ‘elemental’ to good health. True Elements as a brand strives to support you in your endeavour to maintain good health by providing pure, high-quality products with a multitude of benefits.

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