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Out Of Stock Stainless Steel Strainer Quick View

Benefits of Strainer: It helps to keep the unwanted sediments out of the tea. It provides am.....

Out Of Stock True Elements 10 Ka Dum Snack Pack 510gm Quick View

Dried Whole Cranberries: These dark-red coloured luscious berries are all you need to give a tang.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Assorted Dried Berries (dried cranberries, blueberries, goji berries) Quick View

True Elements Dried Berries Combo a pack of delicious berries designed especially for the berries lo.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Berries Assortment (dried cranberries, goji berries) Quick View

True Elements healthy berries assortment is a bundle pack of two delicious and nutritious berries: d.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Berries Mix 150gm Quick View

Sweet and delicious, these berries mix will provide you with an ample amount of health benefits to w.....

Out Of Stock True elements Cranberry and Blueberry Muesli 400gm pack of 2 Quick View

True Elements Cranberry and Blueberry muesli is a unique variety of muesli, perfect for the berries .....

Out Of Stock True Elements Hearty Breakfast Kit (steel-cut oats, quinoa) Quick View

True Elements Healthy breakfast assortment contains two nutritive breakfast items: Steel cut oats an.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Honey and Muesli Gift Pack Quick View

Change is good and healthy.Gift your near and dear ones a healthy hamper to unpack the bundle of hea.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Instant Breakfast Combo Pack (Spearmint green tea, honey shots, cranberry/ blueberry muesli) Quick View

True Elements Healthy breakfast foods combo contains all the products essential to make your breakfa.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Muesli Snack Bundle Pack Quick View

True Elements Fruit and Nut Muesli Snack Pack: True Elements Fruit and Nuts Muesli snack is a sim.....

Out Of Stock True Elements Nutritious Berries (dried goji berries, blueberries) Quick View

The true Elements healthy berries collection is a pack of nutritionally rich berries. Besides being .....

Out Of Stock True Elements Perfect Breakfast Combo Pack (steel-cut oats, spearmint green tea, fruit/ nut muesli) Quick View

True Elements Healthy breakfast kit contains three highly nutritive breakfast items: Steel cut oats .....

Out Of Stock True Elements Pumpkin Honey Clusters 125gm (PET Bottle) Quick View

True Elements Roasted Pumpkin Seeds possess a unique nutty flavour clubbed with the awesomeness.....

True Elements which is a result of getting back to the original sense of taste, was initiated in Tathwade, near industrial hub of Pune. The brand was born out of the love and dearth for tasty health food products and simply provided you another chance to get on the health bandwagon. It consists of the snacks and supplements, on which our ancestors believed but it is packed according to the current generation. It is exactly like getting back to old days by sitting in a time machine without doing much effort or without disturbing our regular dietary habit. 

True Elements is a brand that stands for purity and honesty. True in the name stands for honest while the elements stand for high-quality components. Together the brand stands for the esteem and pure quality of products which are beneficial for health. Today, the health is also dependent on the quality of food. It is a functional foods brand which provides high quality, pure products with a multitude of benefits.The brand aims to be one of the trusted brand in India. 
This brand is passionate about creating several health foods as close to the nature and free from nastiness. By nastiness we mean, there is absolutely nothing artificial like a preservative, color, flavor, or any other artificial additives. Even the seasonings (ex. in Harippa) are from the natural herbs and spices. They consider that healthy eating should not be restricted to simply diet but should be a part of healthy lifestyle adapted for wellness. They try not to meddle with nature and provides food that retains the natural taste. Most of the products are sourced from organic farms from various parts of India, thus supporting sustainable growth and livelihood of farmers. Believing that health is not only essential when you turn unhealthy, the True Elements brand tries to create the best products in terms of nutrition which can be included in your daily diet without any dramatic change in food pattern. While caring about nutrition, the taste of the products is never compromised. The people in the company are keen about healthy products and are trying to increase their number of healthy products without compromising on taste or nutrition. These are the high-quality products and have delectable and purest taste fit for the consumption of people who love their body. They also try to make you aware of the healthy eating and healthy foods. 
True Elements Brand is one of the few brands renowned for dealing in purity and tries to connect the consumers with the products that are better and healthier alternatives to the everyday food items, thus helping in enhancing health and wellness.The brand also has the range of super foods that are highly rich (powerhouse) of nutrients. If you are finding options to replace some of the termed unhealthy food options in your diet or are searching for some healthy functional foods, you can opt for their products without any hesitation as they are pure and free from any nastiness and full of nutrients.