Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey 200gm

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Brand: Under The Mango Tree

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Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey is as pure and pristine as a Himalayas. Obtained from the Panch Kedar mountains, it is 100 percent natural and undergoes no pasteurization. Its homogenous creamy composition of the Himalayan flora make it an ideal sweetener.


Benefits of Organic Honey:

  • Honey is well known for its healing properties since the ancient times. Its healing properties have been documented in Ayurveda.

  • Honey is a natural antibiotic and possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle as it contains nutrients, flavonoids, antioxidants and various healing compounds.  

  • It is remarkable in fighting cold, cough and throat irritation. It can be combined with ginger or tulsi for optimum results.








How to use:


  • Use one spoon daily, raw or in milk, for health maintenance.​

  • Under The Mango Tree Certified Organic Honey can be used as a sweetener in various dishes as per requirement.

  • Use for reducing cough, cold and fever.



Alternative wellness:

It can be used as an alternative to sugar or other saccharides.




Information about the brand:

Under The Mango Tree (UTMT) is a social enterprise with a simple business model that works exclusively to promote beekeeping to increase agricultural productivity, improve standard of living of marginal farmers in India. The honey is completely natural with unique flavors influenced by flora nectar gathered by bees. The sourced honey is certified, packaged and labeled in a production plant and sold directly to customers. Under the Mango Tree intends to create the first national fair trade brand of gourmet, single origin honey in India.


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