It’s no secret that for a healthy body you need healthy blood. It is a vital fluid that feeds every cell, tissue, gland, organ, and system in your body. Without strong and healthy blood, the health of all these systems is compromised. Your organs and cells become a deficit of oxygen and you often feel feebleness and fatigue. It is a fluid that transports hormones, waste products in the body and regulates balance. Your body entirely depends on this vital fluid that is pumped. If there is any problem with our red fluid, the whole body suffers, no matter how much care you take of each body part, if you fail to take care of the blood, your body care efforts mean nothing. If your stomach is not receiving proper oxygen supply, your metabolism will slow down and if your liver is not getting enough of it, then it won’t be detoxified.  While we feed each part of our body, we often forget to feed our vital body fluid.

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