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Wild Cape Manuka Honey, 250gm

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Wild Cape Manuka Honey is a uni-floral honey extracted from the flowers of Manuka, a native pla.....

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Wild Cape Manuka Honey is a uni-floral honey extracted from the flowers of Manuka, a native pla.....

Wild Cape Manuka honey is pure honey from New Zealand. This wonderful and premium honey belongs the East Coast of North Island which has vast areas covered with native wild manuka bush along with its rugged coastline. Bill Savage a beekeeper runs Wild Cape which is actually a small family business. Every Spring Bill and his team take the beehives into the untouched manuka forests for the honey bees.

In 1921, Dr. Peter Molon discovered some strains of manuka bush honey having special features. This is now attributed as UMF i.e. Unique Manuka Factor. At Wild Cape UMF is given immense importance. This brand is a member of Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) which guarantees quality. Each sample of honey is well tested for this unique factor. They also ensure that the hives are in optimal condition to collect the prized nectar.

Unlike Manuka honey found in the other places in New Zeland. It is neither acrid not bitter in flavor. This brand product from the East Coast region is famous for its mild flavor, sweet taste health enhancing properties.Every summer the mauka flowers produce nectar and the bees travel multiple flowers to collect its esteem pollen and nectar. For producing 1 Kg of honey, the bees need to travel more than four million flowers, hence this nectar is treated with immense care.

In autumn, the team at Wild Cape gently blow the bees off the honeycomb and take it to the honey house where combs are manually loaded into a spinner for the extraction of honey. The honey after extraction is stored in batches where it is tested for its quality. After passing all the quality checks, the honey is then packaged.

East Cape produces a unique strain of honey which is very high in UMF. This makes it very rare as not all areas have this UMF.

The UMF Honey Association has created the UMF quality mark to estimate the quality of honey. It is the single association that carries out routine in-market audits of its licensees to guarantee the honey meets their stringent criteria. Every Wild Cape manuka honey bottle bears this UMF quality mark.